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What about Bob?

Bob spent his youth reverse scammning the perpetrators of the Nigerian 419 scam. Using numerous aliases, he manipulated would be scammers into following his instructions as he led them on wild goose chases, concluding in humiliating recipe submissions, photo shoots, and telephone auditions. His work was so effective in diverting criminal behavior, that corrupt government officials inside the Nigerian government thought he was acting on behalf of the CIA, and formally filed a complaint. The political pressure applied by the organized crime syndicates became so great, that warrants were issued, and he was eventually picked up and held in a secret detention center on trumped up Google charges. He was last seen in person on October 25, 2003.

Where is Bob?

But while incarcerated, he developed a number of strategies that enabled him to gain a deeper understanding of serendipity, and its relationship to semantics. He also realized that "where" no longer mattered, whereas "how" became all important.

Only a few people can say they have met Bob, and the person they met may not really have been him. So the answer to the question, "Where is Bob?" may not be meaningful.

Why Bob?

You can learn a lot from someone who is search obsessed. Bob knows what the search engines don't want him to - not from reading forums, but from years in secret detention in which all he did was conduct research - launching experimental sites designed to answer specific questions about the ranking considerations of search engine algorithms.

A research based examination results in real knowledge. It is THE key factor in website performance - because Bob won't let you just chase keywords with your SEO. He will insist that research back up any resource outlay. In the end, Bob can teach you how to focus semantic power on desired targets, while you build structures designed to convey relevance, and impact the bottom line.

Walking the beach at low tide, you would think the shell collector's search was always easy.