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Position is everything. Paradise is optimal.

Come visit our island offices on Nothing Atoll, and bring your board. Past the tourist traps and the choral reefs, surf the deep blue web with some fellow search maniacs. Some of us can't pass up the chance to ride that perfect, relevant wave. Get the search right and it becomes the endless summer.

Details make the difference in SEO

Highly caffeinated SEO beverages are served daily because, while the pursuit of ranks may be fun, there's real work involved.

Our brilliant blackhat fantasies and sleep deprived meta ruminations will take you into the ozone for a lunch you won't soon forget.

When legitimate cheating is not an oxymoron, semantics give you the edge.

Are you content? How dense can you be?

When it comes to keyword targets you should never be content with your content. And density is not about the dessert.

Implementing good luck

Convincing Serendipity to be your best friend is all about being generous with your kindness, cultivating good karma, and giving her what she loves.

If you attempt to do nothing...

How do you know when you're done?

home   |   what about bob    |   seo overview    |   web art
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